Sunday, May 3, 2015

a different kind of cocktail

Yes, yes this is normally a food blog, but as I consider the evolution of this I want to test some other topics.

I loved blogging about decorating, and with another move to come (you can read about it here, or see Mikes much better written version) I will be obsessing over home decor oh-so-soon.

Before I got into cooking, beauty products were my passion. I worked at bath and body works when they sold makeup and various skincare collections and learned so much about what brands and products I loved. It got me into face scrubs, eye creams, nars blush (orgasm, their best selling and most popular blus has been my jam for years) and even my favorite lip balm with their c.o bigelow partnership (which they discontinued!)

In college, the top drawer of my dresser was not full of clothes but instead dubbed "the secret drawer" that my friends could peek into for some fun samples or just a dab of moisturizer for their neck (make sure you add moisturizer to your neck every time you do your face or it will age faster.)

I now have my tried and true standbys and then a few products that I am still trying out or tweaking. One of my newest concoctions is to make an anti-frizz "cocktail"- I have insanely curly and frizzy hair and already had 3 products in my morning rotation. Needless to say it takes forever.

I like to use leave-in conditioner to give my hair a bit of softness and also help tame it, and sometimes moisturizing oil gives it just a bit of sheen. But adding two more bottles to my routine exhausted me. (I can't stress enough how long it takes me to rake product through my hair..)

So I took a page from my shampoo trick for years (mixing a clarifying with moisturizing-I only wash twice a week max, so this helps make it count) and mix another hair "cocktail."

In my regular bottle of hair milk, I squeeze in a bit of leave-in conditioner-I like mixed-chicks-and then a few squirts of a hair oil and shake it up. Instant blend of these products and only one thing to apply, in addition to my gel-mouse rotation.

A few of my other fave finds:

vaseline to take off stubborn eye makeup
a claw clip to wrangle all of my hair ties in one place
bath and body works "just a minute" hand scrub to soften heels--also a huge lifesaver in between manicures
urban decay naked2 eye shadow palette--great selection of everyday to smoky nighttime colors
neosporin to repair ragged cuticles
ddf sulfer therapeutic mask-acne cure!
apivita dark circles and puffy eyes mask-absolutely saved me when I would stay out late partying in my younger years, or just not get enough sleep. slap it on the am for a few mins, tissue off and you look awake and alive.

Let me know if you have tried any of these, or some of your beauty faves!!

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