Sunday, March 23, 2014


After a long and unplanned hiatus, I'm back. And there is a LOT to catch up on.

First of all, I moved out of San Francisco and into San Mateo with Mike a month ago. I'm still letting that sink in. Left the city, and now I live with a guy.....

A lot of this year was focusing on finding the apt, then prepping for the move--which followed with the dreaded unpacking. If I could dispense some moving advice, I would say 3 things:
  1. THROW CRAP AWAY. Really think about when you used it last, and how/if you would use it again. Purge. It's freeing.
  2. Color code your boxes per room (and you can never have enough boxes, bubble wrap or packing tape, PS.) Tell your movers which colored boxes go where, and if they are good movers, you will at least have your things where you want them at the end of the day.
  3. Pack one box that's an "unpack first" box. Use colorful tape or something really distinctive so you can easily find it. I packed toiletries I knew I would need at the end of the day, a towel, PJs, box cutters (also can never have enough) and wine (and a wine opener and cups, obviously). It was a godsend.
After getting through the move and unpacking, we now have an amazing apartment which I am having so much fun decorating. Still tons to do, but I will be posting little bits and pieces along the way.

I have also been cooking a ton in my fancy new kitchen, so keep an eye out for new posts and lots of fun recipes (at least the ones I can remember.)

Before and during the moving process, I started participating in the #100happydays challenge. It's so easy to let stress build up and it gave me a way to remind myself in small ways how lovely every day is.

I recommend checking it out, but I will say, it has committed me to finding a bit (or several bits) of happiness in every day.

I think generally we can get into a cycle of negativity or complaining constantly--I was inspired by this recent article in Glamour about a woman who vowed to go a week without bitching (the article isn't online but this blog shows it.)

So I have been putting an end to that. Follow me on Instagram to see my #100happydays in action.