Friday, May 15, 2015

#eggseries: soft boiled eggs

I am so excited for the response I have gotten on the #eggseries and can not wait to share some more tips with you! I hope everyone is happily poaching eggs and ready for the gooey, dipable soft boiled eggs you are about to get.

I have seen a few variations on cooking these (including boiling the water, then placing the eggs in), but this is the way my mom has always done it, so I am teaching you her way.

heres what to do:

  • place eggs in pot of cold water, make sure the water covers the eggs and bring to a boil
  • once boiling, remove from heat, keep covered for 1 1/2 minutes (watch it closely!) and then remove and place in egg cups 
tip: if you don't have egg cups, use small cups or mugs and cushion with napkins or paper towels
  • crack open the tops of the eggs with the back of a spoon and scoop off, removing any egg shells
  • season with salt and pepper and dip butter toast or english muffin sticks in.  

//sorry for the poorly focused second half--its tough to film some of these angles!//

Next up: I am going to take the weekend to research and teach myself the proper omelette and #instacookingvideo it for you next week. Mike and I leave for my parents on Monday, so you may get some demos from the parents household, and soon, all demos to come from our new Seattle kitchen!

Enjoy your eggs people!

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