Tuesday, May 5, 2015


 I am often asked how I come up with my recipes and meals. Where does my inspiration come from and how do I know what does with what?

I started out watching a ton of cooking shows. Food network was in constant rotation on my TV for a good five years. Giada, Paula, Ina, Bobby, Tyler…they gave me a foundation to build on and the principles for which I build my recipes and ideas off of to this day.

I also watch a ton of cooking videos online, read recipes on pinterest and follow other food bloggers on instagram. Inspiration can come from any place at any time and I find myself drawing on these things often.

But my start came from watching and with that I realized that I wanted to give my readers and followers something similar and thus the #instacookingvideo was born.

My first was how to cook bacon on an accordion in the oven. Life changing for me and I will never go back to cooking it stovetop.

If the video above doesn't work, you can view it on my instagram.

I am searching for more ideas to share so tell me what you would like to see. Some ideas in the queue are kale chips and artichokes and I am also going to do a 2 minute mug cookie which I just tried last night and died of absolute happiness.

//updated to include link to cookie mug and recipe//

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  1. Nice... I need to follow you on Instagram now. I love to cook too, but never post videos and ideas about it. May be I will start soon