Thursday, May 7, 2015

I'm working on this craft I found on pinterest and need 1587 more wine corks

It's like this e-card was made for me.

I have been saving wine corks since I moved to California 5 years ago. I grab them from everywhere--one Monday morning I found a handful stashed in my coat pocket while I was walking to work. So lets just assume I have a prettyyyyyy good stash.

My goal was to make a craft with them which I never got around to doing. I am also not terribly creative, but with being unemployed and all...well, you find yourself with some free time on your hands.

I started simply a few years ago with this hurricane jar, a tall candle and some corks:

Cute, easy, puts my wine obsession on display

But in the past week I have amped it up a bit. As a mothers day gift for my mom, I spelled out "VINO" in wine corks which was so fun to make and I can not wait to give to her. 

I decided to keep going with it. Wine cork magnets, wine cork heart, wine cork coasters (or trivets--they are kind of big, what do you think..?)

Anyway I am not keeping all of this because Mike will kill me for producing more stuff as we are trying to purge pre-move. And also, they are good gifts right? Maybe I will take my talents to Etsy...

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