Friday, June 14, 2013

take a chance

Since I started this blog I vowed to push myself, be myself, and most importantly have fun with it. Everyone in my life has been nothing but supportive and this has been such a great outlet for my cooking, stories and general ramblings.

Since the first promise was to push myself, when Mike sent me this posting it seemed like a great way to "dip my toe in the water" as he put it, or try something different on the side. Here I focus more on recipes of my own and my adventures in the kitchen, but I am obsessed with eating out and trying new places. And this looked like fun!

So I sent in my submission and while I think its safe to say I didn't get the job, I wanted to share what I sent in because it was actually a lot of fun to put together and think about how I represent myself.


I'm Veronica and have lived in SF for more than three years. After I visited here for a week and struggled to find other activities that could possibly live up to the meals I had here, I knew this was a city I could live (and eat) in happily.
I am originally from NY and come from a food-loving Italian family. My parents are both amazing cooks and brought me up loving to cook, eat and appreciate delicious meals. 

If my mom has taught me anything it's that every good meal starts with wine. My parents never have fewer than a half-dozen wine bottles on hand, and moving to California has only made me love and appreciate wine even more. I love trying new varietals and am completely obsessed with Barbera and Tempranillo right now.

My co-workers and friends regularly come to me for advice when they are looking for a recommendation on Italian food in North Beach. The answer depends on the night of the week; Monday is tough because my faves are all closed: Franchino, Tony's and Tomassos (best calzone in the city). But Ideale is always open and their bucatini is to die for. Whenever I have visitors I still struggle with what to do between grabbing cupcakes at Cako, brunch at Park Tavern and our dinner reservations at Flour + Water.  I consider myself an expert on food in North Beach but love to explore food in all the neighborhoods across the city.

Places on my hit list include: 
Shorty Goldsteins- Jewish deli that recently opened by my office.
Lolinda- tapas with a newly opened rooftop bar.
Capo's- Recently recommended for deep dish pizza in North Beach and it's shocking to me that I have never been there.
Coqueta- Just opened on the Embarcadero by Michael Chiarello. My meal at Bottega in Napa was a top five in my life- so, yeah, I have high expectations.

I have been blogging for a few months at about my adventures in cooking food that matches my cravings.  

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