Monday, June 10, 2013

loving right now

Every so often I will try to take a break from the cooking and food talk and focus on something else.

So heres a few things I'm loving lately, including a few items from my recent obsession World Market which, as I put it to the friend who introduced me: "one hour of my life down, countless to go.."

I found the jar pictured below at World Market for just $4! I have been collecting the wine corks for years with the idea to turn them into some sort of craft project (I still have a ton left and more ideas to come..) and I just placed a pillar candle in there--so cute and easy. I love this little corner of my apt. 

wine cork candle display

 Speaking of candles---recently I have become obsessed and found these little tealight holders, also at the amazing World Market.

I have not found the jars that these labels will live on, but these chalkboard labels were just too cute to pass up. Take one guess where I found them....

My amazing and talented friend Michelle has recently "retired" and moved to North Carolina with her boyfriend to explore a simpler way of life. I could not be happier for her--you can follow her adventures at I requested this custom print which I think I am going to use it as part of a gallery wall above my couch, but in the meantime it is decorating the floor :)

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  1. Thanks for the cameo Veronica! I love your new decorations. Now go hang your painting! :)