Monday, September 28, 2015

my favorite breakfast meals

Breakfast has easily become my favorite meal. Perhaps its the obsession I have with eggs, but I think it's the fact that I realized that a few bites of a protein packed breakfast make my day hugely better.

I will note here that I do not have a nutrition background and I generally cook what tastes good. But. I do strive to cut calories where I can and make substitutions that make nutritional yet delicious sense.

I have compiled a few of my recent breakfast faves, all easy to make and worthy of the highest honor: first meal of your day. When you love food as much as I do, every meal counts.

Breakfast tortilla pizza
My most recent obsession to use up leftover tortillas from last nights dinner, and also get pizza for breakfast. Win/win.

Place the tortilla in the toaster oven on 350 with a smear of ricotta (sooo creamy and one of the lowest in fat/calorie cheeses) and maybe some goat cheese or skim mozzarella.
cook up an egg--I go for a medium yolk here with some cooking spray in the pan
layer some turkey, arugula, tomatoes or salsa, or any veggies you have on hand, add your egg on top

Avocado toast

Yep, I know, totally "basic." But full of healthy fat, protein and absolutely craveworthy.

  • I like to make mine with half of a mashed avocado, spiced up with red pepper flakes, salt, pepper and lemon juice.
  • spread that on toast (my favorite low calorie options are Daves Killer Bread-great story behind this brand and only 60 calories a slice & Trader Joes Organic sprouted wheat oats and honey--only 90 calories a slice.)
  • add any kind of egg you like. I go for poached, medium boiled or sunny side up. Something to give me a yolk to add to the creaminess. 
  • slice up tomato, arugula, parsley, peppers--any veggie you want
  • finish with a sprinkle of salt

Yogurt with granola
Greek yogurt has a ton of protein in it--I mix it with fresh fruit like peaches and bananas, honey, some hemp seeds (another protein packed food) and some granola or cereal.
This one is so easy for a quick morning meal when you're in a rush and you can even layer it with the granola in between the yogurt/fruit for an on-the-go breakfast!

Blueberry buttermilk whole wheat pancakes
Probably the most time consuming of the list, but a great weekend brunch idea. I think any fruit would be great in here, and I like to sub out maple syrup sometimes for a fruit compote.

I am working on some greek yogurt pancakes I hope to feature on here soon. I am really bad at writing down my measurements and when you are baking, that is kinda, sorta, important. So stay tuned for those and more!

And send me requests for more breakfast foods and ideas!

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