Friday, September 11, 2015

friday tips: s'mores two ways

All summer I have been craving s'mores with no campfire in I had to improvise! How about in the oven? Or with cookie dough? Check out my tips below for making this indulgent dessert!

First of all, you need cookie dough you can eat raw. This trick has served me well since I love to use it as an ice cream topping, or mix it into homemade ice cream or just consume it with a spoon straight from the freezer.

In place of the egg, use 1/3 cup of vegetable oil, and stir into the batter. Slowly add 1/4 of water until the consistency is creamy enough (not too dry) and don't feel you have to use all the water if the consistency looks like cookie dough. And I pop it in the freezer, so no worries if it looks too liquidly either.

cookie dough s'mores

  • place graham crackers on a small foil lined baking tray
  • heat the oven to 350 
  • layer on a scoop of cookie dough and then a few mini marshmallows
  • bake for 3 minutes, then turn oven to broil and bake for another 3, or until tops of marshmallows have browned
  • put 'em together and enjoy

And quick s'more in the oven? Just break out a small skillet or oven safe dish!
  • pre-heat oven to 350
  • spray pan or dish with cooking spray
  • take melted chocolate chips and layer on the bottom of pan (technique below)
  • place marshmallows on top
  • pop into the oven for 5 minutes
  • turn the oven up to broil and let cook for another 3 minutes, or until the marshmallows are browned
  • dip graham cracker in and enjoy!

melting chocolate in the microwave
  • place in a microwave safe bowl with a splash of milk or cream
  • let cook in micro for 10 seconds, remove and stir
  • let cook another 15 seconds, remove and stir
  • repeat in 10-15 second intervals, stirring in between, until chocolate is silky smooth and melted
I hope you guys enjoyed my sweet take on Friday tips and enjoy the weekend!

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