Friday, October 2, 2015

friday tips: eggs

Couldn't get enough of talking about I am back today with a few friday egg tips

First of all, a request: how to easily peel hard boiled eggs?!

I looked into this a bit because I have had some success and some serious difficulty in this area. The "roll the egg on the counter to crack the shells trick"? Total fail. I have tried it at least 10 times and every time my egg whites are a disaster and I am beyond frustrated.

The best thing I have found is to make sure the eggs are cooled off. After boiling them, rinse them in cold water and the fridge, or an ice bath if you can't refrigerate for a few hours. Then tap the wider end with a spoon and peel--that should reveal a little pocket and you can peel from there. It's still not a seamless peel, but its the cleanest one I have found.

You can see my #instacookingvideo here, and below is an example of the rolling method versus the cooling and peeling method:

A few other things that have worked for me:
  • boiling the eggs in a splash of vinegar
  • using eggs up to a week old as opposed to fresh
Other recommendations(that I have not personally tried): 
  • baking soda in the water when boiling
  • place eggs not in cold water, but in already boiling water
What about other egg cooking techniques?
  • Get a crispy edge on your fried egg by sprinkling some grated cheese on the edges while frying
  • Solidify your egg whites when frying by placing a lid on after the yolk starts to set. This helps them cook fully without overcooking the yolk. You get a still runny yolk and solid whites!
  • Not directly related to eggs, but I do like to use butter while still trying to be healthy...I use a small amount, like a half teaspoon, and use a brush to spread it around the pan. I find that I have always used too much butter just to get it to cover the pan and this does the trick, with less butter!
Send me requests or suggestions for what you want to see next!

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