Friday, October 23, 2015

friday tips: a peek into how I organize my kitchen

I catch a lot of heat for it, but having order in my life is essential. Two years ago when planning thanksgiving, I created an entire spreadsheet with each dish, ingredient, when it would be made and who was responsible for cooking it. Needless to say my friends and Mike teased me mercilessly.

The same approach is applied in my kitchen: everything has a spot and I want it to be easily accessible and thoughtful. I keep extra plastic bags in an empty paper towel roll to keep them from flying around everywhere. I store recycle bags in a basket under the kitchen sink. My dry ingredients are kept in airtight jars with chalkboard labels and measuring scoops inside to easily grab a bit of flour for pizza or baking. 

I wanted to share the tips that work best for me- and share yours with me too!

  • cutting boards, pryex pans and pot lids stored vertically on a desk file sorter-you don't have to move all of them to get to one!

  • salt in pinch bowls stored with pepper, cooking spray, honey, etc on a small lazy susan in the spice rack & lids of each spice labeled on the top with the name, and on the base with a piece of tape with that date opened
  • cute and functional: small jars on the counter with k-cups and sugar with a small teaspoon. I keep it next to the keurig for easy coffee making

  • snacks and pasta stored in mesh/stackable wire bins in the pantry 

  • smaller kitchen utensils in mesh drawers--I like to store my kitchenaid accessories in them

  • the aforementioned flour jars, labeled and stored in the pantry

  • tupperware lids contained in a large bowl

  • a shelf to keep frying pans separate and easy to access

Keeping the kitchen in order makes cooking so much easier and finding a system that worked for me was a huge relief. Most of the pieces I have I found on amazon or from browsing homegoods/tj maxx. It's definitely a process that takes time and you have to find what works for you and your style, but shoot me questions if you have them!

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  1. As a friend I want to make so much fun of you. As a reader, I want to try all these in my new kitchen!