Thursday, August 20, 2015

seattle: the rundown so far

I promised you all a Seattle update after we got settled!

We have been Seattle residents for two months and man has it flown by. Likely due to the fact that I have made a 10 day trip to Boston/Cancun for two weddings, a weekend trip to Austin and a one week trip home to NY during that period, but still.

The trip home was to pick up my cats, Pot & Kettle, and bring them to live with us here. I have had them since I was a senior in college, but they have been living with my parents the whole time I lived in Cali. It was a lot tougher to find apartments that accepted pets in SF, whereas here, everyone does. The trip itself was a little stressful-these two are not used to going anywhere and despise their carriers. I had them cooped up in those things for hours, under the seat on a plane. Kettle actually ripped open her carrier at one point. Needless to say, I had a lot of wine on that flight.

Kettles head peeking out of the carrier on the plane

Now, two happy Seattle cats. Pots face always looks like that, don't worry.

Besides becoming cat parents, Mike and I have been decorating the apartment (I want to share that in a separate post!) and exploring our neighborhood and new city. We live in Ballard and have unlimited access to awesome bars and food, a gorgeous, year-round Sunday farmers market and parks within walking distance.

Before all of this was the 11 day road trip and movers from hell. It was a bit lengthy and more stressful than I would have liked, with very little communication from our movers on when our stuff would arrive. However, it gave us a chance to make so many unexpected stops and have an epic road trip.

We saw the worlds largest oyster in South Bend, WA, relaxed in Cannon Beach, Oregon at a cute BnB, ate and drank our way through Portland, and stocked up on a case of wine on stops in Sonoma and Willamette Valley.

Lets just say we were ready for home by the end of all of this.

On our last night of the roadtrip, in Olympia

Now we are happy Seattle residents, adjusting to real weather and preparing for the gray winter. Wish us luck :)

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