Friday, July 26, 2013

organization addiction

I am your typical "type A" personality. I love to be in control, make plans and organization gives me a strange high I can attribute to nothing else. It just makes me happy, okay?

Recently I reorganized my bedside drawer just using some boxes leftover from Christmas-what was previously a mess of hand creams, nail files, lip balms, ibuprofen and pillow spray is now a tidy little space that makes me happy every time I open it. It's the little things.

I thought I would share a few of my recent organization finds (from Pinterest of course.) You can also follow my organize board for more ideas if you are as type A as I am :)

tack plastic baggies to a cabinet door-HOW have I not thought of this?!?

the is worth it just to stop the amount of times I grumble re-arranging pans and dishes to get to one

this drawer just makes me seriously happy-my kitchen drawer is getting this makeover!


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