Tuesday, July 30, 2013

a brief departure series: kitchen decorating

I love my apartment. It's a cute studio in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco, and I have made it my own over the past 3+ years.

But I am starting to get stir crazy. Or maybe I just need a complete overhaul to the look and feel of it. Or maybe I am just ready to have an actual bedroom again.

I realize how lucky I am to be in a rent controlled place and have the luxury to live sans roommates in a great neighborhood. So I am not complaining.

But I never saw this studio as long term, and so to satisfy myself until I find the next perfect apartment for me in the ultra-competitive real estate market, I have resorted to decorating a non-existent place.

Of course, Pinterest has kept me busy, but I have been combing Etsy, decorating blogs, my favorite websites and stores for inspiration, and below are a few of the ideas I have had.

First up: the kitchen--I know I want bright colors to be prominent in the kitchen, so I like the idea of the brightly colored stools or a shock of color from the kitchen table. 

UPDATED: to include where you can find these lovely pieces

love the brightly colored table and the appropriately themed wall art. I do need to choose a color scheme though...
clockwise from top: coral stool; labeled bowls; mint green scalloped jar; chevron cereal bowls; kitchen utensil photo, courtesy of 7th house on the left blog; bright kitchen table via matchbookmag.com; "eat" sign via etsy, no longer available (similar items here)

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