Monday, August 5, 2013

weekend 5k & lemon blueberry muffins

Four years ago I made a new years resolution to run a 5k. And yesterday, I finally did it.

I am prone to shin splints when I run and was cursed with them worse than ever before while training for this 5k. I hate running, and I hate the shin splits that come along with it even more.

But I signed myself up for this and was committed to seeing it through.

And ya know what? It turned out to be awesome--the adrenaline from the experience, coupled with people on the sidelines cheering us on really kept me going.

my first every race bib!

After the race, Mike took me to brunch to celebrate before heading off to work. The BART workers are threatening to strike, which for anyone outside the Bay Area, would cripple this city.

I had the afternoon to myself to clean, do some laundry and pick up a few items to eat.

race day treat-fresh buratta. and I am my mothers daughter--wine of course

I was in a baking mood and came across a blueberry and lemon loaf recipe from smitten kitchen that I turned into muffins. Have I ever mentioned I love lemon? Well this recipe is chock full of them.

I followed her recipe exactly, except for a few small notes: I used an extra egg since I did not have extra large ones and I doubled the sugar for the glaze on top. The recipe also yielded more batter than she had advised--I was able to make 12 muffins as well as two mini loaves.

As with all of my baked goods, they came to work with me today because I can not have that temptation laying around..

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