Monday, July 7, 2014

apt decorating in progress!

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!! Mike and I spent it in Santa Cruz and stayed at a resort in the mountains. This is our second 4th of July-together, and in Santa Cruz-we went on our first date 3 days after the 4th 2 years ago—aka today!

I love celebrating our first date and its nice to have a 4th of July getaway excuse—or any getaway excuse for that matter—so we use it as a way to celebrate.

We spent the remaining part of the weekend doing apt stuff-it really is all coming together and is such a fun process.

A little sneak peak into the apt work so far:

We came home I finished up spray painting some frames for the walls yesterday. I hope to have those hung up this week and then the living room will just need a few more small touches, but we can find those as we go.

I am looking for a big statement piece of artwork to hang over the fireplace. We are going to hang various photographs from artists I have collected through the years on the opposite wall, so I would like a painting or maybe even a quote. I also want to add an armchair in the corner and then we should be set.

From there, it’s on to the dining room table, and then bedroom. I can not believe we have been in this apt for over 4 months and how long it takes to bring things together.

More pics to come of the finished* living room!

couch/rug/curtain combo

bar area accent

frame painting in progress

*we all know this will never be finished and I will continue to add pieces and change my mind on every.little.detail.

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